Life at BPS, thrives on a shared vision to academic excellence, intellectual growth, , scientific temperament, high standards of ethical awareness..
At Billawar Public School , ourschooling methodology is designed on the following proven techniques:

A. Student Centred Learning

BPS implies to offer each child a broader, deeper, richer educational experience by identifying each student's strongest talents and building on them in order to ensure that not a single child is left out while participating in academics, or duringextracurricular activities or even in sporting events . The areas of child performances that are regularly mentored and monitored include:

1) Linguistic skills: Through special activities as creative writing, literature, foreign language learning, theatre, debating and public spea king activities.

2) Logical-Analytical: Such as science and mathematics projects and experiments, basic research and design activities.

3) Music & Melody: By undertaking trainings for playing, learning, composing classical and contemporary music.

4) Physical metabolism : developed through such activities as sports ,athletics, yoga, GYM, martial arts, modeling, dance western, contemporary and classical forms.

5) Spatial Talents: exposed through activities as making sculpture, drawing and painting, photography.

6) Naturalist Traits : Honed at BPS through classes on ecology, gardening, wild-life observation, biological and bio chemical experiments.

7) Inter-Personal capabilities : evolved at BPS through such activities as group projects, peer teaching and counselling, media work (including student magazines and the Yearbook)     and international exchange programmes.

8)Intra-Personal skills : acquired through self-awareness training, personal tutorials and the spiritual meditation, reflection and tranquillity , yoga

B. Project Based Learning : It is an integral part of learning at BPS where not only the science based projects are conducted for the students but even on subjects like language , social studies and geography, special lessons  are taught by using labs such as mathematics lab, English phonetics lab , Geography lab etc.

In short at BPS There is no spoon-feeding in the school as we make every effort to provide a creative, supportive and positive environment but a great deal is also expected from students who must invest in terms of interest, commitment and energy to drive maximum from BPS experience.

Contact Person : Romy Khajuria (Sanjeev) Director Ph. +91-9419121944 Smt Arti Khajuria (Administrator) Ph. +919419245005 Sh. K.S Jasrotia (Principal) Ph. +91-9419846790 Address : Teh. Billawar, Distt. Kathua (J&K) 184204 .