Life at BPS, thrives on a shared vision to academic excellence, intellectual growth, , scientific temperament, high standards of ethical awareness..

Labs & Library
Science Labs: ( PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY ) As technology has its vital role in the understanding of scientific principles and concepts , thus our Science laboratories are specially equipped so as encourage our pupils to develop their scientific aptitude by providing them detailed access to experimental tools and variety of apparatus like in physics , chemistry and biology lab strictly as per CBSE norms. All students have access to these labs which are built to world class standards, in which they can pursue individual projects with the support and advice of visiting experts

Geograqphy Lab : It is the latest addition to the concept of understanding world around us using live models on EVS, Social science and to make kids understand the physical world around us usoing principles of geography especially for primary class students.

Mathematics Lab : is the hallmark of practical training at BPS where various complex concepts in mathematics are demonstrated, displayed and explained by using lifev related analytical tools and models so as to induce intetest and take away the fear of numbers among students.

English language lab: Emphases is laid on proper pronunciation, intonation, elocution and presentation by accessing the children to use to optimum the language lab. Efforts are made on developing communication skills in the child by question answer sessions, discussions on current issues conducting Various academic contest at National level such as Mathematics Olympia, science Olympiad, English Olympiad etc.

Library cum media centre: The superbly equipped Library-Media Centre includes a Distance-Learning Studio for access to a wealth of curriculum and teaching from some of the best universities in the world. Partap world school is developing an extensive CD Rom library and there are Reprographics Centres in each academic building.

Experiential Learning: At the conceptual level , the school is committed to Experiential Learning. Instead of learning being teacher-led delivery of knowledge, the teachers and students together construct knowledge which is in turn enhanced by field experience and project work; simple or complex integrated learning projects, such as visit to botanical gardens where each student can put his acquired knowledge to test that creates an unforgettable experience of fun, joy and enduring learning. No doubt, Learning by creating an experience, rather than by rote, is the underlying objective.

COMPUTER EDUCATION: In the modern days technology development, exposure to computers has come to stay and will be provided to the students from Nursery onward with theoretical knowledge followed by practical handling of the computer system.

Contact Person : Romy Khajuria (Sanjeev) Director Ph. +91-9419121944 Smt Arti Khajuria (Administrator) Ph. +919419245005 Sh. K.S Jasrotia (Principal) Ph. +91-9419846790 Address : Teh. Billawar, Distt. Kathua (J&K) 184204.