Life at BPS, thrives on a shared vision to academic excellence, intellectual growth, , scientific temperament, high standards of ethical awareness..
Children have a natural gift of creativity, imagination and innovation. They need just the right stimuli to awaken these traits which keep lying dormant in them. With a little bit of encouragement, direction and proper channelization of efforts their hidden talents come to the fore. The early years are the most crucial period in an individual’s intellectual growth. It is during these years that child picks up his or her first letters, learns to gather knowledge, and develops inborn abilities and confidence.

PROBLEM SOLVING, Logical REASONING AND Analytical Activities like counting, use of abacus classes , sorting shapes and patterns through play, enable young kids to make linkages and identify analogies between numbers, alphabets, shapes etc. In fact, Problem solving, understanding cause & effect are regularly evolved through conduction of kid puzzles, manipulative toys, blocks, outdoor activities, and role play models.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT To improve the skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement. Children are motivated to persist and learn and are supported to develop specific skills such as climbing, balancing and ball games, sea saw, swings, kho kho and many light outdoor games specially designed for young kids.

PERSONAL, SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT Emotional safety, trust and a positive self-image are the key skills stressed in developing stable attachments and ability in children to know themselves and what they can do, as well as giving them the confidence to take on new avenues.

Creativity AND UNDERSTANDING OF THE WORLD Children will have the opportunity to use a range of multimedia softwares, audio video sessions, computers, a Variety of study materials safely and encounter creatures, people, plants and objects in their natural environments. No doubt most children learn by doing and we encourage first hands on experiences under able supervision of teachers to extend children's knowledge and creative pursuits. Even Music and dance play a key role in language development for young children as they learn to distinguish between sound patterns through rhymes and songs . All this enables them to interact with other people, express freely their thoughts, ideas and feelings by reading & writing lessons.

COMMUNICATION, LANGUAGE & LITERACY At BPS, the development and use of communication are the hallmark of young children's learning plan wherein they are provided opportunities and encouragement to interact, speak, listen to and express themselves through drawing, pre-writing activities, listening games, role play and stories.

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